Meet the Team

Saya Jackson

Jackson Saya is an Author, a Speaker and a Coach. He is passionate about authentic leadership development and lifelong learning. He is based in Kenya.

Ukemeobong Akpan

Ukemeobong Akpan is a Learning Management Professional and a Certified Virtual Coach. He is passionate about making the world a better place through knowledge sharing and mentoring. He is based in Nigeria.

Florentina Twongyere

Florentina Twongyere is a Coach and a Communicator. She is passionate about supporting talents to reach their full potential. She is based in Uganda.

Cliff Okiko

Cliff Okiko is a Learning Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and a Tech Geek. He has over ten years of experience building and delivering learning experiences in both Physical and Distributed Environments. He is based in Kenya.

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