About Us

We are transforming the lives of our learners and building teams remotely across the African Continent

“Work is important, but people connect when they’re not working and the discussion isn’t focused on work. On each call, if you have five minutes to ask, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ you can build a relationship with someone. This can be a game-changer in knowing your team better and creating a good culture for your company.” – Goncalo Hall, Remote Work Consultant

Popote Learning envisions a seamlessly connected society where people are empowered to learn, work and deliver from any location on the African Continent and around the world. The sudden shift in the dynamics of workforce behaviour occasioned by the pandemic means that more companies are bound to rush towards work-from-home arrangements in an extremely short period.

The rush towards work-from-home will impact the company’s productivity, staff growth and efficiency but we will help mitigate this by offering a:

Remote Professional Skill sessions and remote team building activities mediated through an online platform and also facilitated by in-person remote facilitators.
We use the learning science of Cognition, Creation, and Community. The theme and focus will be delivered using blended learning that uses online learning, group sessions, a class like facilitation, and workbooks.

Our unique approach enables learners to invest emotionally in our programmes, gaining real confidence to apply professional skills in a clear and measurable way in every part of their remote working lives.

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